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The "Twigs Way" Story

"Passion In The Art Of Flowers"

Twigs Florist has been a cornerstone in the fresh flower market in Rhode Island since 1986. Growing from a neighborhood florist with only basic offerings in fresh flowers Twigs Florist is now your destination for premium fresh flowers, unique flower designs, exquisite wedding flowers and wedding design, distinct funeral flowers, and impeccable service.

Twigs offers same day delivery service and has the ability to get your pairing of fresh flowers to your sentiment delivered nationwide. Our sourcing of fresh flowers from the world markets allows us the delight of creating your designs with the finest from around the globe. Ready to experience the best in flower design and service? Experience the "Twigs Way?" Click here to shop or browse our current catalog.


 - Twigs Florist was closing its doors after a 14 year run and three owners. Bobby and Mia fell in love with the name and made the bold decision to take it over. Their strenuous effort to re-brand the name "Twigs" and its reputation began. They are currently celebrating Twigs' 33rd year, and their 19th.


 - In four short years Twigs acquired a second flower shop, The Flower Shed, in Cranston, with an eye on better serving their clients from a location more centrally positioned within Rhode Island. The goal was to expand their offerings in service with a vision of closing their original location once established.


 - After achieving their shift of a renewed business plan the hard decision was made to close their original location and bring all of their designers together in one location. In a fast-paced eight years the name Twigs was rebuilt and became synonymous with a level of service that exceeded many other flower shops, both in offerings and design aesthetic.


 - In 2009 Mia stepped up from an advisory position to one of hands-on management, adding her talents in retail management. Mia led the effort to deepen the scope of their business plan, most notably the bold decision to step up the quality of fresh flowers and design aesthetic when most flower shops chose the opposite direction. While most shops were going in the opposite direction these decisions prepared Twigs for another move, to East Greenwich, Rhode Island.


 - In 2012 Bobby's role becomes Creative Director, particularly with the everyday aspect of their designs, and the title of General Manager is shifted to Mia. This change of titles allows Bobby to intensely focus on weddings and events. Although Bobby has been a constant since the reboot of Twigs, and his specialty is serving the families in need of fresh design for services and funerals, his true passion lies in being of service to clients for weddings and events.


 - Having achieved all of the goals in re-creating their business plan it was time to seek a new location that would better fit the always evolving Twigs Florist. Mia and Bobby craved a location that had a Main Street, USA feeling. They excitedly moved Twigs Florist onto Main Street in East Greenwich, Rhode Island within the Hill and Harbor District. They opened on January 1st, 2014.


 - Having established a new footprint in East Greenwich, RI they were offered an opportunity to move and expand their design space (into the location they were originally drawn to before leaving Cranston, RI). Twigs opened their new location in July and it's features are a perfect complement to their design aesthetic. Twigs now has a parking lot for your convenience, a rarity on Main Street.

We invite you to call or come in and delight in our "Passion In The Art Of Flowers."


 - Fresh Flowers Designed & Delivered? Twigs Florist has "an app for that!" 2018 was not only spent pushing their design abilities with the shop. Twigs Florist pushed, and when they neared exhaustion, they pushed even harder. With the successful "soft" launch of their new website in 2017, the thought was to continue refining the look of the site along with the ease of use based on their clients' feedback. The result is the site you are visiting now. Since application offerings became available both in the Google Play and Apple "App" Store the dream was to have an app created for Twigs Florist. 2018 is the year this dream was realized. Download the Twigs Florist app, Google or Apple, and enjoy the ability to order bold and unique designs anytime directly from Twigs. What's on the "flower bench" for 2019?

First the celebration of 5 years in East Greenwich, RI, and then we shall see!


 - Nearly all around the world experienced the deepest challenges one can face both individually and collectively and of course Twigs Florist and their staff were a part of it all too. In all their years of providing the best in floral design never was it more evident how powerful the art of flower design actually is. When so many weren't able to be there with loved ones, to celebrate life's new beginnings and even endings, the value of fresh flowers and their pairing with sentiments became profoundly evident. Twigs Florist stepped up to meet each and every challenge in securing fresh flowers from the world markets and executed levels of service most would shy away from. Twigs Florist is proud of their accomplishments through a period of time that seemed to bring about the best in so many and are pleased to have been a part of this energy. What else can be said about 2020?